Electronic corrosion reliability assessment testing

Easy methods and tools for the detection of unwanted process residues and materials on electronic devices


Quantiflux Analysis system provides local quantification of conductive contamination levels which can be converted to standard results and expressed as μg NaCl/cm2(μg NaCl/inch2).

  • Local contamination assessment on any type of printed circuit board exactly where you want it.
  • Accurate measurements down to 0.2 µg/cm2of NaCl equivalence.
  • Auto-generated test report and log file storage
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“The QuantiFlux setup allows manufacturers to quantify local contamination levels, and hence manufacture safer and more reliable products”

Rajan Ambat, Professor at Centre for Corrosion of Electronics, Technical University of Denmark

Residues RAT

Residues RAT is a gel that identifies active flux residues in order to optimize the reliability of electronics.

  • Mapping levels of production residues on the PCBA
  • Optimization of the soldering process
  • Quality control of the production process
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“Residues Rat allows very quick analysis – in hours compared to days with conventional analysis methods, where it is practically impossible to distinguish visually between tin contamination and flux residues.”

Kirsten Stentoft-Hansen about Residues RAT product

Residues RAT


Tin RAT is a gel that easily detects tin corrosion for electronics failure analysis and reliability testing.

  • Device robustness testing
  • Failure analysis of electronics from field returns
  • A complementary technique for LAB testing
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“Corrosion residues on comb structures could be clearly detected. Fast assessment possible without big effort. Good transparency of the base material of Tin RAT.”

Pierre Eckold about Tin RAT product

About us

EC-RAT ApS is a spin-off company from the Center for Electronic Corrosion (CELCORR) research program led by the Technical University of Denmark. The company was founded by researchers with a background in materials and surface science having strong competences in corrosion and climatic reliability issues. For more information about the CELCORR program, see www.celcorr.com

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