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Targeted cleanliness testing!

Local contamination testing is important since high amounts of contamination, as e.g. flux residues can cause leakage current, corrosion or electrochemical migration on printed circuit board assemblies in very localized areas. The Quantiflux Analysis system provides local quantification of conductive contamination levels which can be converted to standard results and expressed as μg NaCl/cm2(μg NaCl/inch2).

The Quantiflux kit includes:

  • Measuring device with USB-C/A cable.
  • Measurement software
  • Extraction solution (10 bags).
  • Measurement boards (10 panels with 10 measurement electrodes each).
  • Pipette and pipette tips for adding and removing extraction solution.
  • 100 foam pads for local extraction testing.
  • 1 tweezer for foam pad placement.

“The QuantiFlux setup allows manufacturers to quantify local contamination levels, and hence manufacture safer and more reliable products”

Rajan Ambat

Professor, Centre For Corrosion Of Electronics,  Technical University Of Denmark


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The special test pads allows you to isolate and measure on local areas near critical components

Comply with standards

Local contamination is translated into NaCl equivalent values according to the IPC-TM-650 test manual

Scientifically proven

The QuantiFlux has been developed in close collaboration with the CELCORR group at the Technical University of Denmark, using state of the art expertise on climatic reliability of electronics