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The Tin Rat and Residues Rat test is easy to do, but some clients prefer that we do the test for them. When ordering this product, you can send up to 5 PCBA’s for analysis.

After receiving the PCBA’s, we will do the Tin Rat or Residues Rat detection test and send you the results within a maximum of 2 weeks.

EC-RAT will clean the PCBA’s with DI water and a soft brush. After sufficient drying, the PCBA’s will be returned to the shipping address provided in the order.

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EC-RAT ApS does not take any responsibility to the functionality of the tested PCBA’s after the Tin Rat or Residues Rat test, and will not be held responsible for any lack of functionality of the PCBA’s nor will EC-RAT be held responsible for any likely or unlikely accidents, personal injury, death or any other damage or financial loss suffered, that might be a consequence of malfunction of the tested PCBA’s.